Hire a DJ – What to consider

What to consider when you hire a DJ?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you hire a DJ. If you follow along we will outline some of the determining factors that can help you hire a dj for your wedding or event.

Hire a DJ


First thing you should be looking for with regards to your question, “What to consider when you hire a DJ?” is the experience and the type of experience that this DJ has.  If they aren’t charging very much its very likely that A, they won’t be around very long and B they haven’t performed at very many weddings.  Club DJ’s while they may be experienced don’t have the right experience that you might be looking for.  Remember a club DJ won’t know about Ceremonies or First Dances, Father Daughter Dances, Mother Son Dances, Cake Cutting Songs, Bouquet & Garter Toss Songs etc.  That’s not to say they will necessarily do a bad job but it might be a better idea to hire a DJ that has done several or even more than 100 Weddings.

Experience also needs to come into consideration when something goes wrong…If they are an experienced DJ they will know how to bounce back and keep the party going.  Perhaps it’s a faulty cable, the experienced DJ will be able to diagnose the problem and correct it with minimal interruption.


How much should a DJ cost?

I would invite you to look at this more of an investment than a cost.  Remember you are choosing a DJ so that you can have someone make your wedding night or event the best it can be.  Sure there is going to be a cost associated with hiring a DJ, however if you invest in the right DJ; your party will be one to remember.  So how much should you spend on a DJ?  The best way to think about this is the old saying if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.  Meaning when looking at the investment on a DJ, someone who charges $500, but offers 8 hours of music, lights, wireless mic’s, song selection, top of the line equipment, probably won’t be in business by the time you event rolls around.  Or worse than that they will ask for more money or cancel leading up to the event, leaving you scrambling to find a replacement on short notice.

In Calgary a reputable DJ or Entertainment company should be charging between $1200 – $2400 for the 8 hour event.  These companies will have experienced Wedding and Event DJ’s that understand exactly how you will want your event to go.  They will have Backup equipment, backup DJ’s, Top of the Line Sound and Lighting, usually will offer Online Planning Tools, Song Selection and Understand how to manage your event so you don’t have too.

Remember these DJ’s and Companies usually book far in advance and are going to be hard to find on change that your $500 DJ quits or cancels the weeks leading up to you event.

When selecting a DJ, don’t base it on price but rather base it on the feeling and connection you get with your DJ.  After all these guys and gals are going to be leading your party!

Will your DJ take song requests?

There could be instances where the client directives are diametrically opposed to the guest requests. How a DJ strikes a balance to deliver on the couple’s desires—while still satisfying the guests’ requests—determines the skill and experience of the DJ.

If the DJ you are planning to hire doesn’t take requests this is a red flag and at this point it might be in your best interest to walk away.  Remember this is your event, you are the ones paying for it, so if you want to hear something or you want your guests to hear something then it should happen.  Unless you have complete trust and you know for a fact that the DJ you have hired is going to play the music you and all of your great aunts, uncles, grandparents, distant cousins and your mom’s friend from work want’s to hear…It may be best to hire someone who will.

Is there silence between tracks?

The last thing you want when you are dancing is silence.  A respectable DJ should never have silence between songs at your party.  It might be of interest to ask your DJ to provide some mixes that he or she has done in the past.  Now not all will have them but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

A good DJ never lets silence happen…

Syncopated Sounds is your best choice for DJ and Entertainment, if this article has helped you in any way we would love for you to share it on your social feeds.  If you are looking to hire a DJ, then please contact us and we would love to help.


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